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Deadly Drive
by Justine Fontes

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Roberto thinks his the oldest virgin in High school but he said that his going to change that because his already a senior. He then met this girl her name was Gabi Montoya & she was new in the school but Roberto didn’t like that her family because there were so strict. He got in love with one girl that was one of the smartest girls in school and Roberto couldn’t stop thinking about her, he couldn’t believe that he was in love with Gabi. Then Roberto kissed her and he couldn’t wait to be with her the whole day & also they were both going to a picnic & they were going to bring liquor for the picnic because they wanted make the best picnic ever. Roberto couldn’t think about soccer or his classes because he was so in love with Gabi that every time Roberto sees her he comes running towards and, then sometimes Roberto haves problems focusing on the soccer games because he thinks to much about Gabi. They both got in the car and Gabi got blushed because she had never been in a car with a guy by herself so they got on it and they were both singing but Gabi was scared because they got out of class and she had never had done that before but they didn’t care at the same time and keep singing in the car.

by Meg Cabot

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This book is about a girl named jean. she has had bad luck her whole live. she is visiting her uncle and aunt. she arrives at the airport to find out they are not there to greet her. so she calls a taxi when she gets out of the taxi the driver gives her bad looks. when she was walking in the sidewalk she nearly tripped and fell.

It Stephen King
by Stephen King

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This is only the 1st chapter of the book. And it explained how the town of Derry is involved with a bad flood that cut out all the power in the town. And Ben Denbrough (one of the main characters) was sick. And he was making a newspaper boat for his little brother Georgie Denbrough (also another main character). And Ben sent his brother down to the basement to get a liquid that will keep the boat from getting wet and to be able to float. But Georgie does not like going down to the basement because he is afraid of the basement that a monster will take him away. So he ran down to get the thing his brother told him to got out of there very quickly. So he took the liquid back to his brother Ben and then he put it on all over his boat and Georgie was ready to play outside. When he put on all his yellow coat he set off outside with his boat and it was moving really fast. But Georgie slipped and the boat kept going until it went down a drain. He then went to the drain and he then saw these orange light s looking at him and then IT spoke. The thing introduced himself as "Pennywise the dancing clown" and told Georgie if he wanted his boat back. Reluctant Georgie said "of course but i cant take stuff from strangers, my dad told me so" pennywise then hold up balloons and aid that his circus got swept away and that if he wants to join him down in the sewer. Georgie said no and tried to go away but Pennywise showed him his boat and Georgie went to reach for it. Then Pennywise grabed Georgies arm not letting go while Georgie screamed loudly. Then Pennywise ripped Georgies arm of and then some guy ran towards Georgie and when the man got to Georgie he was already dead.

The path to Nazi Genocide
by Raye Ferr

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The Holocaust is a horrible thing that happened in the early 19th century. Families were killed because of their race or religion. The aftermath was that it reduced the German population by 13%, food and supplies were scarce at times. If I was a Jew at that time I would go into hiding or get out of the country. I would not tell anyone except for my family. Propaganda was a huge part of what ended up leaving a crippled broken world. Jews were shown as a curse that took jobs from German people. Hindenburg stopped being president in 1933. When he died, Hitler, took over and made people swear an oath to follow him as a leader. Restrictions on other races were made, and even racist things were taught in school. Hitler tried to make a racially pure country. Jews were outcasted a lot and even Swastikas were attacked. The swastika is an ancient religious icon used in the Indian subcontinent, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, where it has been and remains a sacred symbol of spiritual principles in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. People would get measured from their noses to find out if they were Jews or not. Jews were not allowed to do many things. Isolation came to races, and more propaganda was being made to make Jews look bad. Jew businesses and Jewish worship places were being vandalized. Hitler and his Nazi army took over sending people, Hitler, did not approve of to concentration camps. It was not until a few years later that other countries found out and wanted to help the helpless people stuck in German camps. December 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Germany won over a lot of countries. Their power was only getting bigger and bigger. “The Final Solution” during World war two impacted many lives, including people outside of Germany and Europe. And, orphan children were the most fortunate because they had no home and no food at times. Jews were treated a lot differently The Star of David had to be put on all Jewish things including clothing and businesses. In Europe, antisemitism, nationalism, anti-communism, and opportunism induced citizens of nations, Germany, occupied to collaborate with the Nazi. Many collaborations were made. Hitler was not the only person who did evil things, people including Hans Frank who was a German war criminal and lawyer who worked for the Nazi Party during the 1920s and 1930s and later became Adolf Hitler's personal lawyer. And Ilse Kock who took advantage of Jews and used their skin for products like books or carpets. The Gestapo were Secret Police, formed out of the existing state police after the Nazis took power. The members of the SA were largely former soldiers, ruffians, and men of violent natures, whose job was to originally protect the Nazi rallies, fight people from the leftist parties and physically assault political opponents. However, these tactics were quite useful for the rise of the Nazi movement. The SS was founded by Adolf Hitler which is also known as the Nazi party.

How to Survive a Flood
by Doeden, Matt

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floods fit intodifferent in the fioods canth kiie 24 kilonters.

by R. J. Palacio

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Part two: Via Before August was born, Via never really remembered how it was being the only child, the first niece, the first daughter, and the first sister. When her mom was pregnant Via expected a sister as told by her grandmother. She does not really remember her reaction towards August but her mo told her that is took days before she got used to August.

Always Running
by Luis Rodriguez

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dealing with bullying can negatively impact themselves & their self esteem

by R.j Palladio

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this book is about a boy with a dessis

Judy Moody salva el planeta
by Megan McDonald,Peter H. Reynolds

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Judy Moody se encuentra en un estado de ánimo... de misterio. Qué debe hacer entonces la Mejor Investigadora de Misterios del Mundo Pues ir en busca de un misterio, por supuesto! Judy Drewdy y sus compinches se ponen a ello cuando Mr. Chips, un detective canino en formación, desaparece. Habrá sido raptado por unos malvados robaperrosY por qué están desapareciendo las galletas de chocolate por toda la ciudad? ¡Este es un caso para la agente Judy Drewdy!

My first Love:Too Much,Too Soon
by Anonymous

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My First Love: Too Much, Too Soon is in seventh grade, a girl named Anonymous is hanging out with her friend Terrence, when a boy named Roger starts staring at her. Anonymous decides to talk to Roger, and it results in Roger staring at her for the rest of the day. Then in seventh period, Roger asks Anonymous about her day, she answers fine, Roger gets weird when he asks if she has a boyfriend, she says no. Roger then asks her for her number, she gives him her number, they talked to each other, hanged out, and then Roger’s friends tell Anonymous that Roger likes her. Then, it turns out Roger was with her for a different reason, something wrong at a very young age. Then he asks Anonymous if she wants to do it, and they do it. It became their thing for their relationship and it was scary for Anonymous because it felt like she was pregnant. Then, their relationship fell apart, and Roger left Anonymous for another girl named Gail. Since then, Anonymous has regret doing it with a person who was with her just to do it. I think the author structured this in chronological order. I know this because on page 129 it says,” This was back in seventh grade.” The author included foreshadowing with this,” Despite his appearance, I was starting to like him. I thought he was very charming.” I think this was included in this story because it would foreshadow the next events. She included a hyperbole with this,”…I thought he was the ugliest person on the face of the earth.” I think this was included because this exaggerates Roger’s face. And she included a simile with this,” It was like I was a pro after the first time.” I think this was included because she compares herself to a professional.

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