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Bella whet home

Double Cross
by Jackson Pearce

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Hale checked the mission file for ground cover to see what happen with their parents. He couldn't access it since he was not in Dr.Fishburn office and that is the only way to access it but he did get to see some stuff like who went on mission ground cover. He typed their parents name and it said that their in the weeds which means SRS wanted to eliminated them. So he trusted the league even tho he was thought that the league were the bad guys . So he sneaked out of SRS to go to the league and to work together to find out the truth about SRS. There plan is for Hale to be a double agent and try to go on a mission to see what they can find. Before Hale went back to SRS they gave him a mic to contact them or update them if anything occurs. Hale had a plan to go on a mission he borrowed an invention that Ben made which was a bean that made people purple so his plan was to put the bean into the chilly so that all the junior agents would eat them so that he will be the only one to go to a mission. The mission was simple they had to put a hard drive to download files from a children's hospital so they needed disguises. So Hale had to act that he was sick in order to go near a computer to download the files and the league gave him another hard drive to track what SRS is going to do with that info. He decided to tell her sister Kennedy the truth about SRS and how they lied about the league,and how SRS are the bad guys.

Save Me A Seat By Sarah Weeks
by Sarah Weeks

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Suryanarayanan is a girl who moved from India to Hamilton, New Jersey. Him and his family moved to New Jersey due to a promotion his dad received from a company in Bangalore. Ravi Suryanarayanan struggled to communicate with people in his new school, but his teachers are nice that they helped him with communicating and getting along with other students. In class, kids like Dillon and Calleb Burrell were pretty popular in school and he was expecting them to be friends with him since they would always try to get his attention by "winking" at him. The next day a new kid came to their class, but Ravi was expecting Dillard to pick on him since he was the newest kid and he had a noticeable accent.

by Nikki Giovanni

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The speaker wanted to have choices but society didn't let her. So shes accepting her circumstances because society has limited what she can and can not do.

by Meg Cabot

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girl discribes abpout how she fells about her uncle after getting out of jail and improving

Dead Connection
by Charlie Price

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Murray went home after work and found out that his mom was with another man so he just went to his room to do some things.

The Vampires Assistant
by Darren Shan Cirque Du Freak Series

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Darren met Cormac one of the best proformers and Cormac did a trick with Darren.

monster trucks
by Matt DOEDEN

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This book was about monster trucks.This book gave me a lot of facts.The first monster truck was built in the 1970s by Bob Chandler.another fact that i learned was that monster trucks tires come out to be 2,000$and monster trucks can come out costing about 100,000s dollars

I'll Be There
by Holly Goldberg Sloan

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I wouldn't change the title of this book because the title fits well with the text and goes with it.

Level Up Gene Luen Yang
by Gene Luen Yang

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he started playing video games again but after winning a few times he quit and re enrolled into med school

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