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The Girl I Used to Be
by April Henry

Olivia is running for her life since Stephen is trying to kill her. She hides in a thorny bush trying to survive. Moments later, Stephen leaves her sight and she texts Duncan to come save her. Sooner or later, the forest caught on fire due to Stephens actions. She notices two deer and follows them to a stream of water. she hides under the water and Stephen finds her. He starts shooting at her but then Duncan arrived. Duncan shot and Stephen shot causing a branch to fall on Stephen and Duncan with a hole in his shoulder. Olivia is then hit against the head with a rock. A few days later she wakes up in a hospital. She is being treated and so is Duncan while Stephen is in a burn facility. When Olivia feels better she goes home and tells everyone who she really is and who killed her parents. Duncan then moves in with her and they both survive.

The Girl I Used to Be
by April Henry

A girl's parents died when she was three years old and nobody ever knew why.

101 Dog Tricks101
by Kyra Sundance,Chalcy

Dogs are smart!

by randy houk

hope was a pig that no liked.

by Peter Lancett

the dark man need to find the dark machine and find a boy but they are gone.

The Big Bad Wolf
by James Patterson

I need to stay safe from the big bad wolf but i dont think that will be a problem because my house is made out of brick.

by Jannell Cannon

i love bats now.

Because Of Winn Dixie
by Kate Dicamillo

This book is amazing and it got me in tears.

Cam Jansen
by David A Adler

I love david a adler's books so much.

Cam Jansen
by David A Adler

I love cam jansen books cause they feel like they come to life.

monument 14
by emmy laybowne

it is a really good book it has some parts that are so interesting and that you cant get your eyes off the book because it is so good

Blink Once
by Cylin Busby

Blink Once starts with mystery. The more you read, the more interesting it gets. The ending is unexpected but still one of the best books I read before.

Warriors don't cry
by Simon Pulse

Melba now integrated Little Rock's Central High and had to face with many danger thing.

Let It Snow
by John Green

Nice, quirky stories

The Greatest Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Really long book, but worth the read
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