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The Dangerous Art Of Blending In
by Angelo Surmelis

I loved this book so much, the emotions and relatable things in it. I cried a few times, it's a heart wrencher. Lol anyway yea it's a really good LGBT+ related book to read <3

Thrice Told Tales
by Catherine Lewis

This book covers all of the Literary choices.

The Lottery
by Shirley Jackson

This book is dark! Some traditions need to die!

by R.j. Palacio

This was a great book!

House Arrest
by K.a Holt

So heart touching, I loved it!

Warriors Sign Of The Moon
by Erin Hunter

In this book Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Doveswing, and Foxleap go out on an adventure to The Tribe of Rushing Water to proclaim a new successor for the tribe. During their visit StoneTeller dies without naming a successor to repace his place. This was a very interesting book and I look forward to reading the next one.

Denton Little's Death Date
by Lance Rubin

Best book ever!

A List Of Cages
by Robin Roe

NTB books are really one of the best books

A List Of Cages
by Robin Roe

NTB books really are one of the best books

After the Shot Drops
by Randy Ribay

So good! Finished reading it in two days.

The Japanese Lover
by Isabel Allende

A memorable and heartwarming novel. Allende writes with passion and paints a true picture about Alma Belasco and her secret love with Ichimei Fukuda, her Japanese lover. My favorite quote form the novel: ".....Sometimes love hurts". Allende truly captivates the minds of readers on a journey of loss, hope, romance, and what it truly feels like to love someone who you can't be with. I loved this novel. I truly recommend it to anyone interested in a novel about love, hope and everything of that nature.

In Cold Blood
by Truman Capote

I absolutely loved it!

Life As We Knew It
by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Breaks down what is happening, and makes sentences short to make you know that something is happening.

In Cold Blood
by Truman Capote

Very interesting and exciting book!

The Scorch Trials
by James Dashner

The Maze runner series is one of my favorite book series ever. And this book is just one of those suspenseful/exciting science fiction books. This book had a very good plot which will move into the third book. Overall, I highly recommend this book.
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