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Making Friends
by Shannon Hale

Making Friends is a memoir in a fictional format of Shannon Hale’s experiences growing up. She suffered with anxiety disorder as she struggled with all the pains and uncertainties of making and keeping friends as well as interacting with boys. This was quite an honest portrayal of what it’s like trying to come into one’s own as a person

Among The Wicked Linda Castillo
by Linda Castillo

When Kate gets to the hospital they tell her has got 2 broken ribs so she was going to have to stay there overnight. Officers Tomasetti comes in and tells her that the Bishop is being sent to jail and Suggs and killed himself. After Kate gets released from the hospital her and Tomasetti her back to where the Amish are so she could tell them goodbye. Once she meets with them she tells them that she was an undercover cop. One of the girls finally tells Kate what happened to Rachel. Rachel Had died because she knew too much.

by Raina Telgemeier

When Raina finds out she is soon going to be a big sister she gets really excited because she will finally have someone to play with, but her perspective of having a sister changes when her baby sister Amara comes home. Raina tries to play with Amara and hang out with her but Amara resists on not wanted to be with her, which eventually develops to a bad relationship when they grow up. In the summer, her mom decides to take Raina, Amara, and her new baby brother Will on a three week drive road trip that is from California to Colorado. Amara and Raina struggle to get along during the road trip since Amara and Raina have very different personalities. With so much time spent together they learn how to get along and cope together and soon their bad relationship turns into a good and healthy relationship.

Among The Wicked Linda Castillo
by Linda Castillo

Whenever Kate is running away from officer Suggs she finds herself stranded on a frozen lake. Suggs catches up to her but due to his weight he refuses to get on the ice. Kate proceeds to keep running on the ice and the she hears a cracking sound. She looks down and sees that the ice is starting to open up. She tries to make it to shore before it breaks, but she is too late and falls in. She then loses all hope, but then she makes it out of the water and made it to shore. Once she is on shore she starts heading toward her trailer. She makes it there but one of the guys that were working with Suggs breaks in and tries to hurt her, but Kate shoots him. Another officers come in and helps Kate go to the hospital.

Fever 1793
by Laurie Halse Anderson

Matilda got her grandfather's sword and stabbed him. The man ran away. She chased him for about a block or two before realizing her Grandfather is in pain. She ran towards the coffeehouse. She sat next to him. He started saying sorry and it was his time to go. She bawled. She didn't want him to leave. He drew his final breath and closed his eyes. She started to clear the table to lay his corpse. The next morning, she was told to bring out her dead. She grabbed her grandfather and placed him in the cart with the other dead. She started walking with the man pushing the cart. She walked all the way to the cemetery. She watched as they carelessly buried everyone. She walked up to the area they put her grandfather, and she told them that they should say a prayer.

The rise of amazon
by makenzie carro

In the mid 1990's a man created the internet. The man then quit his job just to find out that it was a huge success. His website was one that most people know called Amazon. Amazon provided everything for everyone. The creater because crazy rich because of this. MOst online sales were based off this website. It was a really easy process too. As time goes the website continues to get more advanced and so does technology. Giving that this website is at a good point at this moment . Since technology is only advancing. Who know what could come next

by Laurence Klavan and Susan Kim

A terrible thunderstorm led out a poisonous rain water, and led everyone to a district where they can be safe. A girl named Esther stayed in the district with hers friends, and her boyfriend. Esther's ex named Gideon was jealous and killed her boyfriend, saying that he left her for another girl. Once Esther accepted Gideon's request for being his partner, she left him. He ranged and wanted revenge and then a girl named Saith told him that she would help him, and by doing that she took over the district saying that if no one follows her rules then they will die. Saith wanted Esther to die, so she ordered someone to kill her, but instead of doing that, a guy helped her escape the district with her friends. Esther wanted to go back to the district because the girl Saith held her baby, but she had to protect the people who followed her. But one of her friends already went to see what was going on. Once Esther arrived to the district she immediately wanted to search for her child and her friend. But there were Saith's guards everywhere, so it was basically impossible. Then, it started raining and once it started raining hard, everyone hid, but Esther went to the rain because she wanted to do that for a while. After that everyone turned against Saith's rules and now started following Esther. Once they went to Saith, she died, but Esther's baby wasn't there. Once Esther found her baby, Gideon was holding her, but asked her to be her partner again. They realized they weren't alone, and saw a girl named "Nur", she had a crush on Gideon. She started a fight, and it ended up bloody. After that situation everything went back to normal because Saith was dead.

by Carl Hiaasen

This book was a magnificent story that told of Wahoo's adventures into the Everglades of Florida with Tuna to produce a show with a famed star known for his "survival skills". In this story faces conflicts in film making and Tuna's father. This story had great moments like the time where Derek Badger thought he was a vampire after being bit by a bat. This book was a great and enjoyable read, and I would recommend this to others.

Fever 1793
by Laurie Halse Anderson

Then the robber was asking for the money but then suddenly grandpa was holding his rifle saying get away from my girl. The robber turned around saying you’re not going to shoot us look his knees are shaking Mattie looked at grandpa he looked very bad. The robber jumped at grandpa and started choking him and Mattie saw the sword on the floor so she grabbed it and slashed the robber on his shoulder. The robber got up and ran away then Mattie remembered about her grandpa. When Mattie got there her grandfather he said I knew you always had it in you the general you always were but then he also said I think this is it my time is up and died in Mattie arms.

Autumn's Kiss
by Bella Thorne

Autumn has a journal that grants her wishes if she writes them down. Now she tries to write in the journal and it doesn't work also the symbol that used to be on the journal is now gone. She inspects the journal only to find that there is a secret compartment that is holding a map. Wherever or wherever she writes on the map she appears. Now she is going to try and do something good with the map because she thinks she was meant to. Her father left the journal for her after he died. Now she is going to try and help her friends out by getting them together with their crush.
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