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The Holocaust
by Henriette Pollatschek

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The Holocaust is an event in history that killed many kinds of people that the Nazi Germany didn’t like, especially the Jews (certain belief). They also believed that the Germans were superior and the Jews were inferior. The “final solution” was to get rid of all the people that the Nazi thought were inferior. In the camps the people were torture by the Nazi some were slaves helping the Nazis. Many kinds of people were targeted for specific beliefs and put in different camps. One of the targeted people were Roma Gypsies also because of their race and also because Nazis thought they were degenerate and therefore worthless. Courageous Resisters were also a group of people targeted because they defended the Jews and fought against all the things that the Nazis where doing. Priests and Pastors were killed because of their beliefs so they thought this was not good and killed them. The “Final Solution” was not successful because the goal was to exterminate all the Jewish population and they did not accomplish that. The image is most likely included to show how much people out of the people in the picture survive in the Holocaust or maybe just to give an example (text to world). Different types of camps were, labor camps, labor camps were made to were people had to perform hard physical labor under inhumane conditions and cruel treatment. One other example is a rehabilitation and re-education of Poles camp was a camp were Poles were held, and "re-educated" according to Nazi values as slaves. So-called is a wording to put to something because it is like saying that you did your work when people know that you never do it. So it gives it a hint of mystery.

Introduction to the Holocaust
by Ms.McBribe

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The Holocaust was a government and they killed a lot of people .The Holocaust, also was a genocide during World War II . Nazi Germany , murdered six million European Jews. At the end of the Holocaust the SS moved camps in an attempt to prevent the american aliens to get larger .

I Survived Japanese Tsunami
by Lauren Tarshis

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This book was about how a fictional kid went to Japan for a few days and that is when tragedy struck. The 4th largest earthquake hit Japan and caused a horrible tsunami that destroyed everything in its path. And the character mom, and siblings got swept away. But they were all reunited the next day of when the tsunami came.

The Color Of Water
by James Mcbride

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It is about a mans tribute to his mom and their terrible past

Kisses from Katie
by Katie Davis,Beth Clark

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Katie went back to Uganda to be with her girls. Her girls where happy that she came back.

Big Nate Books
by Lincoln Pierce

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i liked it but not interested in the big nate books anymore

Hot Hand
by Mike Lupica

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Billy's mom is off to Boston because she has to work and his little brother is being bullied

by newsela

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Abraham Lincoln is the 16th president the major disagreement was about slavery. Southern states wanted rights to own black people as slaves. Lincoln called on the northern states for 75,000 volunteers they would make up the whole south and north. Lincoln was born in a log cabin, his mother died when he was 9 years old his father's new wife encouraged him to start to read. In 1858 lincoln ran against Stephen A. Douglas for senator of illinois and he lost the election he tried again and became senator in 1860. Lincoln united everyone and he issued emancipation proclamation that free all the slaves forever. Lincoln died the following morning and everybody loved what he did as a president.

by Bram Stoker

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Jonathan Parker stays at a scary castle owned by Count Dracula. Then strange things start to happen.

Smile Raina Telgemeier
by Raina Telgemeier Books

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Raina want to go to get her ears pierced, but she got nervous.so she got her ears pierced anyway then she met a boy.

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